View our Student Reflection and Op-Ed here: Pitzer College Divests From Fossil Fuels: Students Reflect On Our Victory And What Comes Next

Pitzer College’s Press Release can be viewed here.

Divest Claremont Campaign Press Release:

The Claremont Colleges Divestment Campaign is proud to join Pitzer College in announcing its commitment to fossil fuel divestment along with an aggressive climate action and reinvestment plan. Driven by a vision for collective liberation and climate justice, the Claremont Colleges Divestment Campaign has committed countless hours of hard work in actions, presentations, formal reports, and negotiations with the Pitzer Board of Trustee’s since the fall of 2012.  However, this victory could not have been possible without collaboration among the entire Claremont Colleges community and the support of the growing and powerful Divestment Student Network.  As we recognize Pitzer’s leadership, we are also excited that this victory contributes to the collective power of the broader climate movement.  We hope Pitzer’s bold commitment inspires a cascade of victories throughout the fossil fuel divestment movement and motivates further action for climate justice.  As a campaign, we are excited to collaborate with the College in its plans for reinvestment and continue working to address climate injustice in the local Los Angeles region and beyond.

“If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.” -Bill McKibben

The Claremont Colleges Divestment team is a group of students working together to fight the climate crisis and pursue social justice. We are part of the international divestment movement that is spreading across hundreds of campuses, cities, religious groups, pension funds, and other institutions.

The fossil fuel divestment campaign calls for the administrations of each of the Claremont Colleges to immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuel companies, and to divest from direct ownership and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds within five years.

We believe our colleges, as educational institutions, must behave in a manner that is ethically consistent with their mission statements and the values they promote. It is unconscionable for schools, that claim to be preparing students for the future, to profit from an industry that is condemning our world to climate disaster.  According to Joseph F. Keefe, CEO of PAX World Investments, “To accept the science on global warming, and to be committed to doing something about it, but to invest one’s resources in a way that wholly ignores that imperative, is the mother of all inconsistencies.”

As the effects of climate change grow more serious and humanity pours more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, we are running out of time to act. As students of the Claremont Colleges, we are claiming this movement as a critical issue of our time and are fighting for a sustainable environment, for climate justice for all people across the planet, and for a safe and livable future.

Join us.

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  1. I am an alumna of Pomona, Class of 67, and will be coming to campus for Alumni Weekend (my wife is class of 69) and want to know if you are planning any actions? Let me know how to be more active in supporting you.

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